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Fire Alarm System Company in Qatar

In large properties in different industries like hotels, restaurants, malls, and even homes, the installation of fire protection systems is important. A reliable fire alarm and fire detection system protects all the properties from the dangers of fire. This is where RGIFIRE comes in. We are the best fire alarm system company in Qatar.

You need to reach out to the top fire protection companies in the industry to ensure your safety. Some of the advantages of choosing RGIFIRE for your fire alarm system needs include:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Flexible installation options
  • Comprehensive range of products and services
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
Fire Alarm System Company in Qatar

RGIFIRE, being one of the top fire equipment suppliers, offers you a wide range of systems that are easy to install and detect fire with efficient fire control systems. Our products include:

  • Alarm Panels
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Activating Device
  • Notification Device
  • Networking Device
  • Softwares

Each and every device and system is installed carefully by our skilled technicians keeping in mind our systems will detect smoke and fire perfectly.

Alarm Panels

Fire alarm panels are the most important factor and they act as a brain in fire alarm and detection systems. All of the properties need fire alarm panels in order to ensure the safety of lives and to reduce the damage caused by fire. RGIFIRE has come up with the latest range of fire alarm panels. We are one of the best suppliers in Qatar.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the leading lifesaving device in fire safety. They provide early signals of a fire. RGIFIRE knows that early detection is key to minimizing damage.

Activating Device

Activating Devices are the fire system's triggers and the most visible part of the fire alarm system. It can be used at any corner of the building. RGIFIRE has the most experienced technicians who will analyze the structure and apply the operations accordingly.

Notification Device

These are the devices that produce alerts that warn people of a fire.  The wide range of horns, strobes, and horns from RGIFIRE provides application flexibility for multiple installations.

Networking Device

A Networking device contains the connector of the whole fire alarm system. This helps the entire system to work in sync with each other. RGIFIRE is here to provide you with the best networking devices in Qatar.


Software is the core of the entire system that passes all the signals in the complete system from detectors to panels to the notification devices. We have highly skilled professionals in planning, designing, and configuring the system with efficient software.

How RGIFIRE Serves You

We stop your search for the best fire alarm system companies in Qatar by reaching you with the latest models of safety equipment that are easy to apply and come with a number of added features. We also ensure installation support and ensure you will get them delivered right to your address in a secure way.

We have been delivering customized solutions with very strong after-sales support across Qatar. RGIFIRE supplies the most affordable fire safety systems and we will ensure the satisfaction of our valuable customers.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

Fire Alarm System in Qatar
Fire Alarm System in Qatar

The Fire Alarm Systems that we offer are:

  • Conventional Fire Alarms
  • Addressable Fire Alarms
  • Wireless Fire Alarms
  • Gas Suppression Systems
  • Flame Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Duct Smoke Detectors
  • Sprinkler Systems

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